Andrea Yu

Born in Tainan, Taiwan, Andrea moved all-around Taiwan as a youngster. Always an observer, she learned to deeply embrace moments and emotions. Someone’s special habit, something someone always carries around, a specific sentence, someone’s handwriting, letters, pictures… all these are the trigger of memory, the enchantment of aura.

​At the start of her journey into photography, she developed a talent for using light and shadows to capture the honest visual dynamic of her subject. Her belief that beneath outward appearances lies the real aura of oneself, and her determination to capture it is what has driven her art. Over time she has started to focus more on photographing a subject’s deeper emotional qualities and their subtle personalities. Certainly, a harder goal, but one she has persisted toward, and in the process, met with much success.

​Her style of photography is neither simply feminine or masculine. Nor is it somewhere between the two. It’s more like walking a line, sometimes further, sometimes closer, depending more on the connection with the subject. But no matter which way she chooses to go, it’s most definitely with powerful sensibility. Are you ready to explore? To look into her mirror, into her lens?